How it works

Each art subscriber will select 1 group to purchase for $2,000. Each group consists of 3 unique artworks by 3 different artists. There are 15 subscription plans available for each group.

Each subscription plan is $2000 in total, paid in full with one invoice, or paid over 4 monthly installments of $500.

Subscribers receive their new artwork every 5-6 weeks, with the final work sent at the end of the 4 months. Shipping costs are included except if the works ship outside of the United States.

The artworks are unique. Each artist is working by hand on completing the works so there will be some variation between size and materials. Images shown online are for reference only.

Click on artist's name for images and more information

Group A
Christopher Chiappa
Beth Campbell
Luke Stettner

Group B
Michael Berryhill
Kevin Ford
Laurel Sparks

Group C
Sofía Córdova
Chris Domenick
Marilyn Lerner

Contact [email protected] for information and availability